The dancefloor is the vessel for a fluid and uniquely twenty-first century form of community. This moving circle emerges from the power of dance to create non-verbal connection and understanding between people.

A number of different elements weave together to create the dance space and support the Dancers. dancingTao and other 5Rhythms/Movement Medicine dancefloors are held spaces, meaning that a Teacher, usually Christian de Sousa or someone else on this list, is opening the space and teaching aspects of the 5Rhythms and/or Movement Medicine practices, then facilitating movement through speaking & DJing and bringing the dance to completion at the end.

Music is vital to awakening and guiding our energies for dancing, and there is usually some kind of art installation or altar to bring visual inspiration and focus to the space. A Crew takes care of the practicalities of setting-up the space, and the atmosphere and energy of the Venue also affects the dance in different ways. Meanwhile, there wouldn't be any dancing without the Planet beneath our feet...

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