The dancingTao collective has emerged from the long-term community of dancers; people moved by the work enough to come together, contribute and provide the essential presence and support necessary for the strong creation of the dance space. This includes facilitation, assisting/support work, organising & hosting events, setting up sound systems, cleaning the space, playing music, creating art installations and many other things besides.

Whoever is teaching and holding the space usually works with a support team who are either qualified teachers/facilitators or on a training path in a relevant modality, drawn from a circle of around a dozen assistants.

Nothing would happen without the core team. Carmel Morrissey, avant-garde performer, dancing yogi and the smallest bouncer in London, has brought her inimitable presence to the door at St Peter's Church for a decade, alongside Jay Tubsman, maestro jazz drummer and Sweaty Thursdays production honcho. Sarah Graham brings her gentle efficiency and insightful awareness to the organisation of workshops and the Medicine Circle, while Mark Gayle is a dancing bridge-builder taking care of production logistics and underground awareness for the depth work. Nikki Ashley, for a long-time main dancingTao producer and now a teacher, continues to bring playful heart to all aspects of the project. Rich Wiltshire is the backroom whizz-kid with a record collection, often found doing a one-two with Anna Gayle, original soul ambassador and music deep researcher.

A multitude of others too numerous to list contribute to the support teams, set-up crews, communication and in creating the installations.


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