On the dancefloor there is a broad diversity of backgrounds, job descriptions and first languages, and the energy and feel of the space is different on any given day or night - depending on what the focus is and who is there.

The common purpose is to use dance as a meditation, cultivating awareness and expanding consciousness. This can occur in very communal ways or be deeply private. Some people have a committed weekly or even daily practice; some drop in now and then; and others come regularly, stop for a while and then return. Dancefloor meetings last anything from a few seconds to a lifetime, with connections of all sorts appearing and growing out of the dance; from friendships and intimate relationships, to creative collaborations and social networks. Anyone who wants to move is welcome.

Ultimately, deep in the rhythm we have the opportunity to realise we're all human beings, brought together by a collective love of dancing, and if we're present to the moment, that's all that really matters.

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