Dancing Tao News http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index News and information from Dancing Tao ** September update ** http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news1 Dear Dancing friends

We are returning! Re- Turning our rested bodies towards the dance floor and the artists studio. Things have been quiet here whilst august took us outwards, to be baked and soaked in english weather! We are continuing to offer some online classes during September and we are hoping that October will see our venues re-opening and the opportunity for us to be in rooms together.

For now we meet back here on the virtual village green to let you know whats happening on the dancingTao program.

We return to the virtual dance floors this week with Nikki Ashley holding the zoom space on Wednesday morning and afternoon - for our early morning practitioners and our afternoon clubbers for over 60’s and friends


Morag Donnelly will return on Friday morning of the 12th with Life Sensing


Simply Being with Richard Wiltshire will return in October - online, or dancing in rooms if that's possible then. We also hope to hold the first of our on-going series of Ecstatic Soul 5Hour sessions on October 10th in a venue - watch this space!


Check the Bookwhen page for exact details
Sending love out to you all wherever you may be



5Rhythms with Nikki Ashley
Wednesday Mornings
08:00 - 09.15

5Rhythms for Over 60’s
with Nikki Ashley
Wednesday Afternoons
14.30 - 15.30

Book here for online sessions

Transmission http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news2 TRANSMISSION
“Music is the Healing Force of the Universe” - (Albert Ayler)
3rd July 2020

"Music is the Healing Force of the Universe" This quote (an album title) from the seminal jazz player Albert Ayler has always inspired and guided me. A new offering, Transmission grows out of my love of DJing and a desire to create a space where I can share the medicine in a way that is connected but different to the facilitated movement spaces I hold.

Transmission will be a deep radio broadcast, beaming eclectic, fusionary musics - from ambient soundscapes to sonic beat science; world rhythms and soulful roots, deep house & techno, trance alchemy, all laced with spiritual jazz, medicine prayers - and a touch of flow on the mic from yours truly. You're welcome to dance, just listen, meet with others, go for a walk with a smartphone, or find another way to experience it.

We'll start at 8pm UK time and go for around three hours - perhaps longer if the energy is there. There will be a 320K high-quality audio stream and a Zoom room, you can use either or both to tune in. It will be nudging into full moon time and the last night before the UK reopens pubs and restaurants, so an interesting time for a deep dive, digesting what has been and dreaming into what will come... Book in advance or jump in on the night - Bookwhen link and FB event page both in comments.

*THE RHYTHMS CLUB* http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news3 *THE RHYTHMS CLUB*

for Over 60’s 

with Nikki Ashley 

Wednesday Afternoons

14.30 - 15.30 London Time

plus optional sharing circle after

A movement class for older dancers - this class is for the over 60's but any age is welcome to join us if you feel called. We use the 5Rhythms as a simple movement and rhythm practice designed to release the dancer that lives in each of us regardless of our age or physical ability. We move to great music with no steps or choreography to learn. No prior experience is needed as there is no one way to dance these rhythms - there is only your way.

Class Starts at 14.30 (with Zoom room open from 14.15 for those needing tech support)We dance until 15.30 with an invitation to stay for a sharing circle for those who wish to.

Book Here:  

Contribution: Full Price £10 / Lower Income £7 / Concession £5 / Donation / No Cost / Silver Rhythms* Mursell Residents

*Silver Rhythms, outreach project of the Rhythms Club, is supported by the Mayor of London’s Stronger Communities Fund

Nu Movements Online: dancingTao Zoom for Life update http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news4 It doesn't matter what it is, even if you don't understand it - you can learn to dance with it"
- Gabrielle Roth


Dear Dancers,

Feeling you all out there...

Like you and everyone, we're dancing in this new landscape and seeing what we can offer. We've come up with a dancingTao programme adapted to the time of Covid-19 and we would love to welcome you to the virtual dancefloor.

Thursday evening sessions with Christian have been finding their feet already and there's a new booking page live as of now. From next week we have some very special new daytime invitations from Nikki and Morag. Rich is also holding Simply Being on Mondays Ajay offers Pure Rhythm on Tuesdays and there's a Community Sharing Circle on Saturdays held by Sarah and Alex.

A note about money. We need bread to stay afloat as an organisation, so we've brought back ticketing on a sliding scale and your generosity is much appreciated. At the same time, we don't wish to turn away anyone who wants to dance, so we've kept a donation / no-cost option for all events. Please pay whatever you can in your current situation - thank you!

We've also got a new webmaster - welcome and big thank you Mr Matt Shearing, who's been a member of the wider dancingTao collective for a long time.

Love & breath,

Christian, Nikki, Morag, Rich, Ajay, Sarah, Alex, Amy, Matt and the dancingTao CIC

with Christian de Sousa
Thursday evenings
19.30 - 21.30 London Time
(inc. optional sharing circle at end)

Continuing the legacy of 15 years of weekly sessions on Thursday evenings, Christian is carrying the dance from our new church in Baker Street to the worldwide community online space. Body, breath, music -> movement.

As in the regular class there will be a warm-up, some teaching and a journey into the wave, followed by an optional speaking circle for those who wish to stay and share.

Arrival in the Zoom Room from 19.10 and doors close at 19.45
Dance 19.30 - 21.15, Circle 21.15 - 21.30


Contribution: Full Price £12 / Lower Income £8 / Concession £5
If you are unable to pay the concession price, or want to contribute more than the full price, you can also make your own donation on the booking page. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: if you have already made a donation towards the class tomorrow (9th April) - you will need to register via the link above, using the donation option, so that you can access the new Zoom link. Fast-changing times all round!

with Nikki Ashley
Wednesday Mornings from 15th April
08:00 - 09.15 London Time
plus optional sharing circle after

A space to invite the new day into the body.
To find our flow, harness our energy and unite body & breath. To set us up for the day ahead as dancers - awake, grounded and connected in these uncertain times.

Class Starts at 08:00am (with Zoom room open from 7.45 for those needing tech support)
We dance until 09.15 with an invitation to stay for a sharing circle until 09.30 for those who wish to.


Contribution: Full Price £10 / Lower Income £7 / Concession £5
If you are unable to pay the concession price, or want to contribute more than the full price, you can also make your own donation on the booking page. Thank you!

l i f e s e n s i n g - in the heart atelier
with Morag Donnelly
Friday mornings from 17th April
08.30am - 10:00 London time

This morning offering is a time to relax and gather with each other, to explore this body/presence centred ,movement drawing practice.
Guided into ways of moving with materials that we have, make or find, the quality of our touch and sensitive response. We can enrich and expand our language of expression and gesture, to be alive and spontaneous to the moment.

Through the play of our hands with marks , music , breath , water and textures of nature, we are encouraged to rest back , to soften , opening to an intimacy with our self and in turn with life. In the smudge , glide , pause and caress .. we empty out as the empty quiet of paper.

No previous drawing experience needed , all welcome.
Pre-registration essential
Limited spaces

Bookings will open soon
Full Price £10 / Lower Income £7 / Concession £5
If you are unable to pay the concession price, or want to contribute more than the full price, you can also make your own donation on the booking page. Thank you!

[P.S. There will also be a later session of ‘lifelines - drawing from life ‘ at 11.30 - 1pm, which is open to previous participants of this work with Morag.]

with Richard Wiltshire
Monday evenings from 13th April
19:00-20:30 London Time

We are pleased to announce that Simply Being 5Rhythms will be resurrected in digital form from next Monday April 13th on Zoom.

The class starts at 7pm and will be around 90 minutes in length. The first class is a trial run so there will be no cost while we find our digital feet though donations will be open if you feel so inclined.

Register on bookwhen.com/dancingtao (coming soon)

You need to register using this link before the class to ensure a place and once registered you will receive full details

dancingTao Community Circle
A embodied speaking space for dancers
Saturdays 10:00 - 12noon London Time
Held by Sarah Kelly and Alex Ioannou

In circle space we support each other to speak and listen from our hearts. There will be time for each person to share how they are doing and what is most present for them in their lives right now. We often find that through listening to others it can help us to also give words and validation to our own thoughts and feelings. Sharing in circle is a very simple practice, yet it can also offer a deep sense of connection and holding. It is a confidential space and there is no obligation to speak - though we do ask everyone to commit to arriving on time and staying until the end.

The circle is by donation

Register on bookwhen.com/dancingtao

(please note places are limited)

Ecstatic Soul: Nourishment: 5Rhythms workshop http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news5 a 5hour 5Rhythms Workshop with Ajay Rajani & Nikki Ashley


3-5 JULY

London, E15 2GW

Bookings are now open 

Ceremony: a Movement Medcicine Immersion http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news6

a Movement Medcicine Immersion
with Christian de Sousa & MM support
St Cyprian's Church (Friday)
& Colet House (Sat-Sun) 
15th-17th May 2020

Consciousness: 5Rhythms Immersion http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news7 Our firstworkshop in 2020 calendar is a 5Rhythms Immersion with Christian de Sousa and Nikki Ashley on 7-9 February. Venue: Jackson's Lane Arts Centre, in north London. Bookings are now open, with 3 day or weekend options

Ten Thousand Dances: dancingTao immersion http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news8 Next weekend-long immesion with Christian de Sousa and Morag Donnelly on October 4th-6th at Limehouse Town Hall
Early Bird until 6th Sept 

Ecstatic Spirit: weekend workshop http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news9 an invitation to go deeper into the 5Rhythms with Ajay Rajani. 16-17 November in Stratford. Click here for more info. 

Movement: dancingTao monthly sessions http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news10 a monthly gathering for embodied practice, using 5Rhythms and Movement Medicine as our core maps, with influences from Taoist and shamanic practice. 3 hour sessions on the 4th Wednesday of every month

The Rhythms Club: 5Rhythms class for over 60s & friends http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news11 Weekly daytime 5Rhythms movement class for over 60s and over at Mursell Community Hall, Stockwell. The Rhythms Club recommences on 15th January

Ecstatic Body: A 5Rhythms workshop http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news12 A weekend 5Rhythms workshop with Nikki Ashley and dancingTao. 
13-14 July, Limehouse Town Hall, London 

A Deeper Acceptance: 5Rhythms healing workshops http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news13 Creating Healing Through Movement:
5Rhythms workshop for those who regularly move or have moved with pain or illness, led by Richard Wiltshire
Autumn dates to follow 

Resonant Souls: Movement & Relationship http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news14 Early Bird closing soon on 4 April
A workshop for experienced conscious movement dancers led by Morag Donnelly and Christa Cocciole. Saturday 4th May, London

Deep Rhythm: dancing in Devon http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news15 Deep Rhythm is pop-up space in south Devon, held by Christian de Sousa and Jo Hardy. Autumn dates tbc.

Lifelines: Drawing Life as a language of senses http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news16 2 day exploration of art and movement with Morag Donnelly. 19-20 May. Dalston, London

Rhythm Village: a community festival http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news17 Our own dancingTao community festival of movement and creative celebration with a variety of events in St. Peter's Church and other Vauxhall venues. 7-17 June 2018. Click here to visit festival website for more details and events listings

Ecstasy Radio: podcast http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news18 Ecstasy Radio offers a selection of free mixed waves for movement practice... Click here for home dancing...

Dance 5Rhythms: drop-in 5R class http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news19 Weekly 5Rhythms open class with Jane Belshaw and Nikki Ashley in Manor House

Dance Movement Medicine: drop-in MM class http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news20 Drop-in MM class with Cyrill Chanterau in west London on fortnightly Monday evenings (please check dates)

Earthdreamers: ecstatic dance meets activism http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news21 Earthdreamers is a collective bringing the dance into social, environmental and political activism. Click here for more details

Postcards from Babylon: book & multimedia art http://dancingtao.full-om.com/home/index.php?p=index#news22 Postcards from Babylon - a rough guide to liberation is a book, audio and multimedia project created and curated by Christian de Sousa. The soundtrack album with Alex Forster is out! Click here to find out more...