Useful Links

Main web portal for Gabrielle Roth's work and 5Rhythms dance worldwide. Offers a rich store of information, inspiration and links to teachers around the world. (Note this website only lists teachers registered with 5RG; there are other fully trained & certified teachers offering spaces too)
Website for the School of Movement Medicine and the work of its founders Ya'Acov and Susannah Darling Khan.
Website for the Movement Medicine Association, which lists all MM teachers worldwide.


Some other movement teachers whose work I would recommend: Sue Rickards, the mother of 5Rhythms in London. Her website includes a 'London Waves' page, listing all the London-based 5Rhythms teachers and classes. Alain Allard, the godfather of 5Rhythms in South London, is a teacher of both the Heartbeat maps and Andrea Juhan's potent Open Floor work. Adam Barley has been doing this for as long as almost anyone in Europe and relishes dancing with the edges of human experience. David and Julie Rose offer a powerful blend of work drawing on 5Rhythms, Movement Medicine, psychotherapy and shamanic ritual Chloe de Sousa, Christian's partner, started the women's Full Moon dances and held a legendary class in Oxford for 8 years.

For Facebook users, there are a multitude of groups for dancers, including pages for the London 5Rhythms community and the Movement Medecine community. Just think of a place/name and search...

Fantastic resource for discovering music and listening to customised radio...
On-line jukebox service with a huge range of music on-tap
Highly varied and quirky arts and underground music radio, London-style...
Deep and funky disco radio out of New York City...
Diverse musical selections from France...
Download-based on-line music store offering lots of dancefloor-oriented electronic music.
Download-based on-line music shop offering quality underground and experimental music.
On-line CD shop selling a huge range of alternative music across genres.
Page for downloading iTunes, software enabling you to subscribe to free podcasts - also linking to the mega-massive banana music store.

Traditional shamanic medicine work as taught by Chris Luttichau
The Four Winds Society, founded by Alberto Villoldo to transmit Inka shamanic medicine
The Living Tao Foundation and the dancing Tai Ji of Chungliang Al Huang
Our sister site! Created by a man called Clyde Smith...
Website introducing the Amerta movement work of Suprapto Suryodarmo (Prapto)
Website introducing the transpersonal 'Process Oriented Psychology' of Arny and Amy Mindell
Website for the Association of Dance Movement Therapists

Book by Christian de Sousa wearing his other hat as an artist, photographer and writer
Community group based at St Peter's Church using music as a communication and healing tool
Excellent community-run restaurant 5mins from St Peter's Church
Large gatherings of people all dancing to headphone music in public places - surreal

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