Ecstatic Dance


Ecstatic dance is the use of movement to access conscious states of deep presence, awareness and surrender. In the 21st century, ecstatic dance is discovered by many people in the vibrant darkness of electronic music clubs and under the expansive skies of outdoor parties.

But ecstatic dance is a very ancient human activity. For thousands of years, people have danced and gone into trance for the purpose of celebration, communal evolution, healing, creative dreaming and prayer. Several centuries of religious and political oppression attempted to eradicate these ways - but the dance has survived and in recent years has undergone a renewal.

Conscious practices such as 5Rhythms, Movement Medicine and Trance Dance all offer maps for working with dance as a meditation, whilst more hedonistic dancefloors and other open spaces are also opportunities to dance with conscious intent and connect with the deeper nature of existence.

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