Living in the globalised 21st century, we are uniquely fortunate - and challenged - to have access to both an extraordinary multitude of ancient wisdom teachings & practices, and to a range of phenomenal modern methods and technologies. It seems that the present challenge of humanity is not to invent new ways but to find effective and balanced syntheses.

It is clear that some of the old ways were designed for completely different circumstances to the times we live in, whilst others have been discredited by their historical complicity in oppression. Similarly, some technologies and contemporary ways are destructive or do not serve. Nevertheless, with discernment, care and respect, we can find that there is much in both traditional wisdom and modern methods that is valid or can be adapted in some way to the universal, diverse human search for wholeness.

Rooted in 5Rhythms and Movement Medicine, the dancingTao project is one attempt at doing this.

Now, enough head stuff - get on the dancefloor!

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