Meditation is the practice of being present to what is arising. It is usually practiced sitting, but also includes walking meditation and other moving forms.

There are many different forms of meditation, spanning different spiritual and secular traditions. Buddhist meditations such as Zazen (just sitting), Mettabhavana (loving kindness) and Vipassana (insight into the nature of reality) all serve to expand awareness (mindfulness) and cultivate a calm and compassionate presence in life. Christian forms of contemplative meditation tend to focus on prayer, giving love and building a personal relationship with God.

The influence of meditation practices on the dancefloor brings a deepening of the dance through greater awareness of the breath, the body, emotions and thoughts, and the subtleties of movement. This helps the dancer to be centred, to develop a dispassionate 'witness' perspective on what is unfolding, and at the same time to drop further 'inside' the dance and surrender more whole-heartedly to its vast possibility.

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