Other Ways


The evolving tapestry of dancingTao, very much a work-in-progress, is interwoven with the threads of several further traditions, practices and fields. One profound influence is the Amerta work of Indonesian movement master Suprapto Suyodarmo, commonly known as Prapto. Amerta, or 'the river of life', is an investigation into the nature - and culture - of being human, and includes a wide continuum of movement exploration from meditation to performance.

Then there is the deep, celebratory mysticism of the Sufis, their whirling dances and their poetry of spiritual ecstasy and longing. There is the deep, bass-heavy earth&fire spiritual politic of Rastafarianism. There is the endless playful imagination of sacred clowning and mime, and the intense, silent mysteries of Butoh dance.

Moving beyond movement there is also Zen and its way of using simple but highly challenging artforms as meditation practices (calligraphy, archery, tea-making...) There's Christianity and its essential message of love. There are the multi-layered existential explorations of Modern Art (or some of it) and there are various strands of ecological, social and political activism and NVDA (Non-Violent Direct Action). And not forgetting football and cooking.

Finally there are significant moments, meetings and relationships with other human beings - from family, friends, and collaborators to random characters and people in the street... it's all in the mix and it's all valuable...

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