Shamanism is a word used in many different ways. Broadly speaking it is possible to say that indigenous shamanic cultures from the Arctic to the Andes, Africa to Australia and all around the world have all rooted their existence and worldview in the power and the presence of the natural world: land, water, wind and fire; plants and animals; sun, moon and stars.

A shamanic perspective considers the visible, material world of nature to exist in a symbiotic unity with the invisible world of spirit, or energy. It is understood that the physical and the energetic nourish and affect each other, and that evolution is a function of their interconnection. Dance, song, dreaming and other forms of journeying are the shamanic tools for working with this, the purpose of doing so usually being healing and growth - for human beings, and for the whole sacred web of life.

Living in modern cities does not necessarily disconnect us from such ways of being and working, although the non-organic substance of what surrounds us (physically and energetically) is very different, and so needs to be worked with in different ways. The use of electronic music in urban ecstatic dance is one example of this adaptation.

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