Taoism speaks, without speaking, of the vast, ineffable reality of being and non-being. Tao is the single principle underlying all creation, and Taoism is essentially the practice of placing oneself in alignment with this single principle. Tao means Way.

Taoism evolved from ancient Chinese shamanism. It offers the profound teaching of wu wei - 'effortless being', which dancers experience as one of the fruits, or perhaps the grace, of ecstatic dance. Taoism makes no boundary between the physical body and the energy (chi) which animates it, nor between the body, the heart and the mind. Thus a Taoist approach to movement allows deep wholeness and simplicity of presence.

Tai Chi and Chi Gung are well-known Taoist movement practices which inform the dancingTao approach to movement, and formal Taoism exists in many different branches and schools. But a sense of and connection to 'the Tao' is freely available through reading the Taoist texts, and most especially by simply being and moving in nature. Contemplating the flow of a river. Breathing on a mountain. Listening to a breeze moving through the trees... These things reveal Tao.

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